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Hoffman Restoration's Service Across Northern Nevada

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by property damage, take a deep breath. Why? Because Hoffman Restoration is here, extending a helping hand across Northern Nevada. Whether you’re amidst the vibrant streets of Reno, soaking up the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe, or enjoying the close-knit community vibes of Gardnerville, we’ve got you covered. As a proud part of the Hoffman Companies legacy since 1967, we’re more than just a service provider; we’re your neighbors, ready to bring peace and restoration to your doorstep.

Where We Shine: Serving You Where It Matters

Reno: The Heart of Our Service

In Reno, where the city buzz meets the tranquility of nature, we understand the unique challenges you face. Whether it's sudden water damage, a fire scare, or an unwelcome discovery of mold, our Reno team is on standby, ready to respond with speed, efficiency, and a smile.


Gardnerville: Small Town, Big Heart

Gardnerville’s charm is unmatched, and so is our dedication to preserving it. When disaster strikes in this quaint town, our local experts are there in a heartbeat, offering personalized solutions that respect the community's heritage and your personal needs.


Lake Tahoe: Preserving Paradise

Lake Tahoe is a treasure, and protecting your home or business here is our top priority. From environmental challenges to unexpected emergencies, our Lake Tahoe team combines local knowledge with world-class expertise, ensuring your piece of paradise remains just that.


And Beyond: Always Expanding to Meet Your Needs

Our commitment doesn’t stop at these locations. We’re constantly expanding our reach within Northern Nevada, aiming to bring Hoffman Restoration’s quality and care to more communities every day. If you’re in need, chances are, we’re not far away.


Why Hoffman Restoration Feels Like Home

Community-First Approach

We’re not just working in these areas; we’re part of them. Our teams live and breathe the Northern Nevada spirit, bringing a level of care and understanding to our work that goes beyond the job.


Comprehensive Solutions, Locally Tailored

Our suite of services, from water damage restoration to mold remediation and everything in between, is designed with our diverse service areas in mind. We tailor our approach to fit the unique needs of your community and your individual situation.


A Legacy of Trust

With decades of experience under our belt, we bring a rich history of reliability and excellence to every job. Trusting Hoffman Restoration means trusting a team that’s committed to your well-being and to the restoration of your property.


Ready to Restore Peace to Your Property?

Let's Get Started!

Property damage can be stressful, but recovery doesn’t have to be. With Hoffman Restoration, you’re choosing a partner that knows your area, understands your concerns, and is dedicated to restoring more than just buildings—we’re here to restore your peace of mind.


Contact Hoffman Restoration today. Whether you're in Reno, Gardnerville, Lake Tahoe, or anywhere in between, we're ready to help you bounce back, stronger and better. Let’s turn those challenges into triumphs, together.

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