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A Legacy of Trust and Quality


Integry. Service. Excellence.

Since 1967, Hoffman Plumbing has been a cornerstone in Northern Nevada, celebrated for its unwavering commitment to outstanding service and community engagement. This enduring legacy, founded on trust, quality, and an insightful understanding of our neighbors' needs, has been something we, the Ortiz family, were eager to uphold and build upon when we took the helm in 2014.

Our move from Arizona to Nevada wasn't just a change in scenery. It represented a profound commitment to not only uphold the high standards Hoffman Plumbing is known for but to expand on them. This expansion led to the inception of Hoffman Fire & Water Restoration. We noticed a critical need in our community for dependable restoration services, essential for helping homeowners and businesses recover from fire and water damage.

Hoffman Fire & Water Restoration is our way of broadening the Hoffman legacy, ensuring we can support our community in even more ways than before. Our aim was to go beyond the expectations of a typical restoration service. We wanted every call for help, every project we took on, to be infused with the same level of care, efficiency, and reliability that has been synonymous with Hoffman Plumbing from the start.

Being a part of the Hoffman Plumbing legacy has been a privilege for our family. With Hoffman Fire & Water Restoration, we're thrilled to continue upholding the standard of service excellence that the people of Northern Nevada have come to expect from us. We're here to support you through all the challenges of recovery and restoration, committed to helping you every step of the way with the same dedication that has been our hallmark since 1967. Whether you're dealing with the aftermath of a disaster or planning for the future, we're by your side, ready to assist.


Hoffman Companies

We’ve grown into a robust family of service companies, each designed to support every facet of your residential and commercial projects. In addition to Hoffman Plumbing and Hoffman Fire & Water Restoration, we’ve warmly welcomed Hoffman Dumpsters to our lineup, ensuring that no matter the challenge, we’re equipped to handle it all.


We see ourselves as part of the fabric of our community, here to ensure that your spaces are in top condition. So, if you’re in the thick of an emergency or in the planning stages of your next big renovation, just remember that Hoffman Companies is only a phone call away. We’re ready and eager to support you with that same dedication and quality that’s been our signature since 1967.

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